Eight countries in South America have cases of avian flu, six of them on the border with Brazil

Updated Feb 16, 2023
The last update of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), on January 11, 2023, reports cases of avian influenza in the American continent in Canada, United States, Mexico (North America), Honduras, Panama (Central America), Chile , Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela (South America). Since then, other countries have also recorded outbreaks, such as Cuba and Guatemala, in Central America, and in South America, Bolivia, Uruguay and Argentina.
Altogether, there are 16 countries in the Americas with records of the highly pathogenic disease. Of these, eight are in South America, and six border Brazil, from north to south of the country. (SEE FULL LIST BELOW) This Wednesday (15), when the cases in Uruguay and Argentina, bordering the southern region of Brazil, where poultry production is concentrated, were made public, there was a manifestation by sector entities and the minister of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply (MAPA), Carlos Fávaro about it. According to Fávaro, Brazil does not have any cases of the disease, but pointed out that, recently, two birds with symptoms were found in Rio Grande do Sul and one in Amazonas, but after collection and analysis of samples, the hypothesis of H5N5. According to information from MAPA, Pasta's Secretary of Agricultural Defense, Carlos Goulart, clarified that there is a more critical period, between April and May, related to the passage of migratory birds through ...
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