Wanding Customs in China ensures safe and smooth import of sugarcane during the harvest season

Published Mar 23, 2024

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The cross-border agricultural economic cooperation project between China and Myanmar, focusing on sugarcane planting, is boosting bilateral economic and trade development. Wanding Customs in Yunnan Province is facilitating safe and efficient customs clearance of the raw material through business reform measures and a green channel for agricultural products. They are also enhancing smart customs construction and upgrading port supervision sites and smart checkpoint systems. During the December 2023 to February 2024 crushing season, Wanding Customs oversaw the import of sugar cane worth 23.1597 million yuan, marking a year-on-year increase of over 2 times.
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Every morning, as soon as the sky turns white, Chinese border resident Yan Wang drives a truck loaded with sugar cane to enter China from the Mangman Passage of Wanding Port in Yunnan Province. "We are now at the peak of sugar production in Dehong Prefecture, and the demand for sugar cane raw materials is huge. One day I have to make three round trips, and sometimes I am so busy that I don’t even bother to eat." Yanwang, who had just entered the country, said with a smile. As one of the main projects of cross-border agricultural economic cooperation between China and Myanmar, sugarcane planting has long provided strong impetus for bilateral economic and trade development. The Mangman Passage is an important channel for sugarcane imports in Dehong Prefecture, and Wanding Customs under Kunming Customs is fully committed to ensuring the raw material sugarcane. Safe and efficient customs clearance. "In order to ensure the production of sugar during this crushing season and ensure the ...
Source: Foodmate
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