Ethiopia: Soybean crucial to ensure food security

Updated Sep 11, 2021
It very well may be utilized directly for nourishment in the family unit or handled for soy milk, cooking oil and a scope of different items including newborn child weaning sustenance. Also, the poultry sector industry uses soybean for feed production. Ethiopian Institutes of Agricultural Research, Jimma Agricultural Research, National lowland oil crops research said soybean is becoming economical important oil crop in Ethiopia. The process of plant growth and development is important to the successful adaptation of a species to its geographic and climatic environment. Evaluating the adaptability of released soybean varieties in diverse agro-ecology is important for efficient use of nationally released varieties in their area of adaptation and thereby increases production and productivity of soybean in the country. The trial was conducted with 19 released soybean varieties in the year 2015 and 2016 main cropping season at Jimma, South Western parts of Ethiopia. The parameters ...
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