Hungary: European producers may be at a disadvantage in the poultry market due to double standards

Published May 19, 2024

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The Hungarian poultry sector has faced challenges such as epidemics, declining demand, and import of low-quality products that do not comply with EU standards. The sector, which is the largest animal product sector and one of the most important export-oriented players in Hungarian agriculture, has been negatively impacted by bird flu, economic and political events, and increased imports of Ukrainian poultry meat. The lack of enforcement of EU norms for products from third countries creates an unfair competitive advantage for these products, putting European producers at a disadvantage and posing a risk to consumer health and food security. The National Chamber of Agriculture and the Poultry Product Council are advocating for stricter internal regulations and self-sufficiency to minimize vulnerability and improve export indicators.
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In recent years, the situation of the poultry sector has been complicated by many challenges, various epidemics, declining demand due to wartime inflation, and cheap but low-quality products that do not comply with EU standards (Brazilian, Thai, Ukrainian) have also caused serious damage to the players in the product line. At the same time, the difficulties that arose pointed out the importance of self-sufficiency in the European Union, which must be preserved despite all challenges. The National Chamber of Agriculture, in cooperation with the Poultry Product Council, does everything at home and internationally to represent the interests of the Hungarian poultry sector and the safety of domestic consumers. The organization of the poultry sector in Hungary is at a high level, so it is less exposed to external challenges compared to other livestock sectors. The epidemics of the past years - human and animal epidemics - as well as economic and political events, despite the high level ...
Source: AgroForum
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