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Brazil: Experts point out that the price of cassava has soared due to a lack of planting

Updated Oct 26, 2022
The Vaivém das Commodities column, written by journalist Mauro Zafalon, published in the press edition of the Folha de São Paulo newspaper and on the UOL portal this Monday (24) that the price of cassava soared due to the reduction in the planted area. According to the columnist, the “real increase is 74% in one year” and points out that cassava “has lost ground to crops with better external demand and profitability”.
Entitled “Cassava Price Rises with Reduction in Planted Area”, the article brings testimony from two experts: Fábio Isaías Felipe, from Cepea, and Carlos Estevão Leite Cardoso, from Embrapa Cassava and Fruticultura. Estevão points out that this soaring price is cyclical and is due to the ease of entry and exit of producers in this sector. Many take advantage of high prices to make money. When supply increases, and prices fall, they leave, he explains. Read the entire column below. One more product enters the list of staple foods that have sharply increased prices this year and begin to weigh on the pockets of consumers with lower purchasing power in a period of tight incomes and high inflation: cassava. The ton of the root, this month, is 85% higher than in October 2021. Discounting inflation, the real increase is 74% in the period, according to Cepea (Center for Advanced Studies in Applied Economics). Fábio Isaias Felipe, a researcher at Cepea, says that these prices, little by ...

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