Extremely high prices slow down melon sales in the Netherlands

Fresh Watermelon
Fresh Melon (Muskmelon)
Published Jul 15, 2023

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The watermelon and melon market is currently facing difficulties due to limited supply and low demand. Prices are high, but this is slowing down demand. The limited supply is expected to continue, with Spain facing limited availability and other regions still ramping up production.
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"Prices are at a high level, but that is also slowing down demand a bit at the moment. The weather is ideal for watermelon consumption. The retail is grabbing a mini watermelon. Turkish and Moroccan customers are more likely to choose the large Greek watermelons. bins packaging. At the same time, the consumption of watermelons in the Netherlands remains relatively limited. A Dutchman will not buy a watermelon for 1.50 p/kg in the supermarket, which he cannot store in his fridge. That is why we remain largely dependent on the sales to Germany, Scandinavia and the United Kingdom." "For the time being, the supply from Spain will remain limited. Almeria is ready. Murcia has suffered from the rainfall and before La Mancha is really good in production, it takes a few weeks. Prices are at a level between 1.20 and 1 40 sales. The same story actually applies to Galia melons. We are now at the tail end of the Murcia season, and there is also limited Morocco available. Small sizes yield ...
Source: AGF
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