Argentina: February landings and January exports

Published Mar 24, 2021

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Official landings data for the month of February show a drop of 8%, with hake and shrimp being the most affected species, while squid shows a rise in landings compared to the same period last year. The first exports of the year also show declines, in volume in the order of 8% but 18% in foreign currency, since several products suffered price drops. According to the official landing records as of February 28, 124,885 tons were declared, which is below the 2020 figures. In the case of hubbsi hake, catches decreased by 23%, from 31,000 to 24,000 tons. The shrimp suffered a similar fate: landings fell by 21%, scratching 31 thousand tons. In the case of squid, the catches were better than those of 2020 for this period. The 51 thousand tons declared imply an increase of 5%. Black hake went from more than a thousand tons to 761, registering a drop of 32% and hoki, on the other hand, grew in landings by 243% with declarations of 5 thousand tons. Only 300 tonnes of pollock have been ...
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