Feed barley price drops 5 cents in Europe, pressure on global grain market

Published Jan 23, 2023

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A ratio to bulk prices would place the price near 26 to 27 cents per kilo, however most of the supply is now in sacks. By mid-December, although there had been a reversal of trend in Europe's grain markets, prices had held at around 35 to 36 cents per kilo for bagged barley. So this is a decline of 16.6%. Pressures have also been noted in other livestock products, such as hay oat, the price of which fell in the same period from 33 to 34 cents per kilo, to 28 to 29 cents. Meanwhile, grain markets in Europe completed a third week of pressure, with the price of fodder barley posting the biggest losses compared to the levels it maintained at the end of 2022. In fact, the price of fodder barley in France, from which the rest of the EU commercial centers also take a line, the ton fell by 30 euros in January to 263 euros.

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Losses are also recorded in the price of malting barley, which after many months returns to the area of 300 euros per ton. In general, the grain market in the EU is under pressure, with prices having lost the "war premium" as those involved in the market finally christened the approximately plus 80 to 100 euros per ton that the prices of most grains recorded last spring. The main reasons for the decline in prices are primarily the highly competitive prices of Russian exports, which, combined with the weak ruble, have made Black Sea ports the main destination for grain supplies for the largest part of North African and Middle East. The case of Russian exports has been facilitated by the extension of the agreement for Ukraine's grain, with the corridors having been opened to a significant extent to the ports of the wider region. In this context, the price of soft wheat on the French commodity exchange also suffered losses, with the March 2023 contracts falling to 280 euros per ton, ...
Source: GRAgronews
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