Fish processing increased by 24% in Ukraine

Updated Oct 5, 2021
In Ukraine, 8.98 thousand tons of finished products and canned fish products were produced in January-August 2021, which is 24% more than in the same period last year. This is stated in the message of the State Agency for Land Reclamation and Fish Resources. The growth in the production of fish products was observed in the following commodity items: - fish, dried, dried, salted or unsalted; salted fish, but not dried; fish in brine (except for smoked fish, fish fillets, fish heads, tails and bellies) - 6877 tons (+ 3%); - dried and dried fish - 3261 tons (+ 7%); - smoked fish (including fillets, except for Pacific, Atlantic and Danube salmon, herring and trout, and also except for fish heads, tails and bellies) - 2698 tons (+ 11%); - caviar of other fish - 2457 tons (21%); - salted herring - 2272 tons (+ 1%); - ready-made and canned herring products, whole or in pieces, in vinegar, oil, marinade, tomato (except for minced meat and ready-made fish dishes) - 2,041 tons (+ 0.4%). In ...
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