Brazil: FMD-free without vaccination for 2 years, Rio Grande do Sul celebrates with opening of new markets

Published May 26, 2023

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May 27, 2023. On this day, Rio Grande do Sul completes two years of FMD-free zone without vaccination. The status was granted by the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) two years ago. An achievement that is the result of the efforts of the public authorities, entities and the productive sector. From 2020, a year before the international certification, until now, several actions have been carried out by the Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock, Sustainable Production and Irrigation (Seapi) to guarantee this status, such as the implementation of a border surveillance program that is a reference national, Sentinela, the Guaritas program, which carries out surveillance in 97 municipalities on the border of Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina, and active and passive surveillance actions.

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Photo: Fernando Dias/Seapi The data reveal this commitment. Active surveillance for foot-and-mouth disease recorded from 2020 to March 2023 a total of 19,000 inspections on properties, 92,352 inspections on bovine, buffalo, sheep and pig barriers, with 180 seizures, 1,600 barriers and 15,920 vehicles inspected. Among the products inspected are meat, leather, dairy products, milk, eggs, sausages, by-products and viscera. In the case of Sentinela, nearly 84,000 cattle were inspected, 918 barriers and over 170,000 kilometers of the border with Argentina and Uruguay were covered. In 2022 alone, Guaritas covered 22,000 kilometers, inspecting 1,982 vehicles, 9,300 products and installing 123 barriers. “The international certificate is something to be celebrated, mainly because of the possibilities that open up new international markets for our products. In addition, this is a result supported by the production chain, but also by the expertise of the animal surveillance service in Rio ...
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