Ukraine: Freight rates for transportation from Danube ports continue to rise

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Published Jul 15, 2023

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Freight rates for the transportation of wheat and corn from ports in Ukraine to various destinations have increased by $2/t. Demand on these routes has increased, leading to the price hike. Freight rates for other agricultural products, such as sunflower meal and rapeseed meal, have also seen some changes this week. Ukrainian Danube ports have the potential to double their grain transshipment volume.
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As of June 13, 2023, freight rates for the transportation of wheat and corn by coasters with a load of 6,000 tons from the ports of Reni and Izmail in the direction of Spain are 55 USD/t, the east coast of Italy - 48 USD/t, the eastern Mediterranean (Lebanon, Egypt, Cyprus) – 40 USD/t, the east coast of Greece – 37 USD/t. This was reported by the press service of UZA, referring to the analytical data of Atria Brokers. Freight for all these destinations increased by USD 2/t for the week. There was also an increase in rates by 1 USD/t per week for the transportation of grain to Crete - up to 38 USD/t and Israel - up to 45 USD/t. As for barley, the rates for it are about 2 USD/t higher than for corn. The increase in freight is due to the increase in demand on these routes. Coaster freight for wheat and corn from Danube ports to Marmara is at USD 32/t compared to USD 30/t last week, but demand in this direction is still almost non-existent. The current week also saw an increase in ...
Source: Agrotimes
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