Turkey's fresh fruit and vegetable exports exceeded 2 billion dollars in 8 months

Updated Sep 17, 2023
Turkey's fresh fruit and vegetable exports increased by 16 percent in the January-August period of 2023, from 1 billion 764 million dollars to 2 billion 50 million dollars.
Stating that the fresh fruit and vegetable sector has achieved the highest export figure in history based on 8-month periods, Aegean Exporters' Association Coordinator Vice President and Aegean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters Association President Hayrettin Ucak noted that this success was brought about by the efforts of Turkish exporters to export value-added products. Underlining that they have successfully left the two-thirds of 2023 behind, President Yavaş said, “In the medium-term program covering the 2024-26 period announced by our government, our export target for the end of 2026 was determined as 302.2 billion dollars. "As the fresh fruit and vegetable sector, we aim to reach an export figure of 5 billion dollars in 2026, with producers, traders and exporters acting together and all links of the chain doing their part," he said. EXPORT ACE OF TROPHIES TOMATOES When the exports of the fresh fruit sector in the 8-month period of 2023 were analyzed on a product basis, ...
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