Fresh fruit and vegetable imports in the US continue to grow

United States
Published Feb 21, 2023

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The import of fresh fruit and vegetables in the United States has continued to grow in the past year. In total, 22.1 million tons were imported. That was 3% more than in 2021. Imports also grew gradually in the years before. Although the United States is far away from the plots in Europe, the import prices of fresh fruit and vegetables have risen sharply, namely by 8%. As a result, the value of imports in the past year amounted to more than 28 billion dollars.

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This makes the United States by far the most important importer worldwide. Germany is second with a value half that of the United States. The export of fresh fruit and vegetables from the United States is gradually falling. In 2022 even by more than 10% to 3.9 million tons. More than half goes to Canada and Mexico is also a major customer. Exports to the Netherlands fell sharply in 2022, by 10% to 86,000 tonnes. For the most part, these are sweet potatoes. More than half from Mexico Slightly more than half of the imports in the United States come from Mexico. In the past year, this amounted to 11.4 million tonnes. That was 2% more than in 2021. In previous years, imports of Mexican products grew slightly faster than average. Overall, bananas are the most important imported product, but tomatoes, peppers, avocados, cucumbers, lemons and watermelons are the most important for imports from Mexico. In 2022, more tomatoes will be imported from Mexico. At 1.8 million tonnes, this was a ...
Source: AGF
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