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US: From the Fields®, October 6, 2021

Updated Oct 6, 2021
It was a little bit warmer than usual, but not by much. The big difference was the lack of rainfall. We had to use more water to irrigate. Wildfires did not necessarily impact our crop. Ironically, I could see the flames from my house on the first night of the Caldor Fire. It started so close, but then it raced across the Sierras in the other direction, so there was never significant smoke for prolonged periods of time that would have affected grape quality. The market seems to be somewhat in equilibrium, with supply and demand fairly balanced. Maybe we might be a little short on supply. With harvest ending three weeks early, we're going to be focused on fall activities. We're going to have a lot more time to do fall projects this year, like grading roads and shutting pump systems down for the winter and winterizing them. We just wrapped up our almond harvest this week. We're up about 15% on our production, so we're happy about that. One benefit to the dry spring is increase in ...
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