From the markets in Italy: Clementines are even at 50 cents, the first strawberries from the south

Published Nov 23, 2022

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It sells little, "we are reaching rock bottom", a wholesaler tells but also underlines "November has never been an exhilarating month". In the gray media of recent years. In this scenario, winter vegetables do not recover from the hottest October in recent centuries and citrus fruits are struggling. Clementines, those with the smallest calibre, can also be found at 0.50 euros per kg, even if they are of a larger calibre and extra standard, they can touch two euros. At 0.50 euros as well as some salads and artichokes underneath. The first strawberries from Marsala, Campania and Basilicata show up.

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In Florence prices that dance, even too much In the Tuscan city, Aurelio Baccini, national Fedagro vice president and president of the regional federation, paints a statistical scenario on the sales front: "There is little movement and in this situation the price logics are differentiated". There is a need to sell and in some cases you get to cut prices. Let's take the clementines, a seasonal fruit: "The prices are not high, but a good product from Palagiano costs 1.30/1.70 euros per kg". A good price, like for oranges: "There is basically no Tarocco and what little you find is sold for 1.50/2 euros and the best Navels for 1.20/1.30". Artichoke chapter where we still don't see the prickly Sardinian: "With the Tema we are at 0.50 with a second cut, the poor quality one stops under 0.30 euros while the peeking Teram is around 1 euro. To sell well, the conditions for consumption must be triggered and with not exaggerated prices". In Verona, clementines starting from 0.50 euros In ...
Source: Myfruit
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