From the Italian markets: Lettuce and fennel are priced at 3 euros due to hail

Updated Aug 2, 2023
Watermelons down, even at 40 cents, and melons often around the euro. Peaches are down, grapes hold, strawberries above 5 euros.
Melons and watermelons are down, also due to the drop in exports to Northern Europe, but the hail has hit the product hard in open fields. Lettuce and fennel, for example, which in some markets are priced at €3 per kg. The tomato is stable, with the Italian product suffering from Dutch competition. In the north the grapes hold the price, the good product clearly exceeds 2 euros per kg. Peaches and apricots are on last year's values, the final rush for cherries from Trentino where strawberries also arrive at 5/6 euros per kilo. The bubble of melons and watermelons, prices down after the brake on exports At the Florence market Aurelio Baccini, local Fedagro president and national vice president of the association, reports “a slight decline at the end of the month, there is a sales and quotations. Prices held up until last week, then the drop was also due to the reduction in exports to Northern Europe, a bubble between watermelons and melons“. Doesn't the reduction seem to have ...
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