Fruit and vegetable price trends in Italy as of April 22nd

Market & Price Trends
Published Apr 23, 2024

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A recent report highlights the significant impact of a sudden cold wave on Italy's fruit and vegetable production and market dynamics as of 22 April 2024. Key findings indicate a slowdown in the production of asparagus, cucumbers, strawberries, and broad beans, with an anticipated increase in broad beans demand due to upcoming holidays. Despite the Sicilian Netted melon being in full production, its demand remains low owing to the cold weather. The report also notes a sharp increase in the prices of peppers and courgettes, attributed to reduced quantities and delayed production. This comprehensive analysis, derived from a survey by Borsa Merci Telematica Italiana (Bmti) and Italmercati, provides insights into wholesale market prices across major Italian cities.
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The sudden cold wave has caused a slowdown in production: this is the case of cucumbers, asparagus, strawberries, for the latter the campaign in Basilicata is coming to an end. We are also approaching the end for broad beans whose demand, however, is destined to grow due to the upcoming holidays of April 25th and May 1st. Sicilian Retati melons are now fully commercialized. Sharp increase in pepper prices. Thanks to the agreement with the Borsa Merci Telematica Italiana (Bmti) and Italmercati we are publishing the survey of fruit and vegetable prices at the wholesale markets as of 22 April 2024. Below is a summary of the main types of fruit and vegetables on the market. In the downloadable pdf you will find the details of the graphs and the findings on the main Italian cities: Milan, Bologna, Padua and Rome. With the arrival of low temperatures, especially at night, the production of asparagus suffered a slowdown which translates into an increase in prices in the markets due to a ...
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