Fruit and vegetable price trends in Italy as of April 15th

Market & Price Trends
Published Apr 16, 2024

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As of 15 April 2024, the fruit and vegetable markets are experiencing varied impacts due to weather conditions and fluctuating demand. Strawberry production has been adversely affected by high temperatures, resulting in reduced availability and increased prices. Conversely, there's a growing interest in baby artichokes, and both Italian green beans and cucumbers are seeing a rise in demand and production. Asparagus prices have significantly decreased because of a market surplus, while broad beans are anticipated to become more popular around May 1st. The article also notes steady demand for agretti and minor price changes for Sicilian aubergines, peppers, and courgettes, indicating seasonal and regional adjustments in the produce sector.
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Slowdown for strawberries, due to the high temperature range which brought smaller quantities to the markets. The baby artichoke campaign comes to life, taking the spotlight from the artichokes. The availability of Italian green beans is increasing. Sharp drop in prices for asparagus. The demand for cucumbers is growing, while that of agretti is rather static. Greater demand for broad beans is expected to coincide with May 1st. Thanks to the agreement with the Borsa Merci Telematica Italiana (Bmti) and Italmercati we are publishing the survey of fruit and vegetable prices at the wholesale markets as of 15 April 2024. Below is a summary of the main types of fruit and vegetables on the market. In the downloadable pdf you will find the details of the graphs and the findings on the main Italian markets: Milan, Bologna, Padua and Rome. Good quantities are still present in the agretto markets, which do not receive high demand, pushing prices downwards. In recent weeks, the Emilian ...
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