Thailand: FTA recovered from the first 2 months of the export crisis with 24.3% jump

Published Apr 17, 2021

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Thai exports in 2021 faced both economic slowdowns. The competition is more intense. Containers are missing and have a high freight price. Including the baht All of which have been affected by the epidemic of COVID-19. The "Free Trade Agreement" (FTA) is a tool that will help increase Thailand's export competitive handicap to achieve the target growth of 4% by the Ministry of Commerce. One more issue, the "Regional Economic Partnership Agreement" or RCEP, which aims to take effect in 2022, will be one of the key drivers for export growth. From monitoring the use of FTA in 2020, it was found that even though Thailand faces a COVID-19 problem, But if you look at the trade figures between Thailand and the countries where Thailand has an FTA, it is worth US $ 276,303 million, accounting for 63% of all Thai trade. The value is US $ 140,826 million, accounting for 61% of Thai exports. And it is an import worth US $ 135,477 million, accounting for 66% of total imports.Agribusiness such ...
Source: Prachachat
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