Global exports of whole milk powder on the rise

Published Aug 16, 2023

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The main exporters of whole milk powder, including New Zealand and the European Union, are expected to increase their placements on the international market by 9% this year. However, this is still below the amount exported in 2021. China, the largest importer of whole milk powder, is anticipated to increase its production due to strong domestic milk production, resulting in a decrease in imports and impacting New Zealand's exports.
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To continue reading the article, log in with your account or sign up for MilkPoint. Get access to exclusive content! The main exporters of whole milk powder will place 1.94 million tons on the international market this year, which implies an increase of 9% (164 thousand tons) compared to 2022, although below the 2.12 million tons of 2021 . Among the main ones, those who grow in placements abroad are New Zealand and the European Union, which more than offset the expected drop in Argentina and Australia. New Zealand's whole milk powder production is forecast at 1.45 million tonnes in 2023, up 4% year-on-year but still below the five-year average. The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) said that "the increased production of whey, protein concentrates and skimmed milk powder has caused processors to reduce production of whole milk powder". However, this product still accounts for more than half of all milk processed for ...
Source: Milkpoint
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