Good arrivals of German vegetables and the first sweet corn from Monday in the Netherlands

Published Jun 30, 2022

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Tholen - As a Germany specialist, AGF-Online is currently receiving plenty of arrivals of German vegetables. The company started almost twenty years ago with the first spring onions and carrots from Germany and is still undiminished positive about the quality of the German products. "There is a lot of trade in stock in Germany, but unfortunately there are a lot of hands short of harvesting," observes Maxime van der Meij – Selleger.

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"The prices are increasing little by little, while we would much rather harvest and sell much more at somewhat lower prices. But hey, if only we had the people!" "Especially on Thursday, when there is a change of teams, things will go wrong in the last few weeks this year. Previously, on such a changeover day, the old team continued for another day and the newcomers also started immediately. Then you had a double occupation and we were able to fill in hefty promotions. Now, on such a day, the order for an extra car of carrots already gives rise to tension and red results. The old team thinks it's all fine on such a Thursday. And the new team says: Let's first just unpack the suitcase, watch some Netflix and look further tomorrow...." "In addition, the number of liters of diesel that the fleet pumps through is becoming really problematic. We expect the first sweet corn from Monday. A full car of corn is easily forty tons, so that certainly creates a whirlpool in the tank." Maybe we ...
Source: AGF
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