UK increased purchases of Norwegian cod after restricting imports of Russian fish

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Published Dec 14, 2023

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The UK increased import duties on Russian whitefish in the summer of 2022, leading to a 43% rise in exports of frozen whole cod from Norway to the UK in November. However, imports of frozen fillets fell by 26% during the same period. Norwegian seafood exports have continued to grow in 2023, with an 18% increase in value in the first 6 months of the year, and an overall increase of 13% in external supplies of frozen cod in November.
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Earlier in the summer of 2022, the UK introduced increased duties on the import of whitefish from Russia. Exports of frozen whole cod from Norway to the UK rose 43% to 990 tonnes in November, while imports of frozen fillets fell 26% to 184 tonnes. This data is provided by the Norwegian Seafood Council. Norwegian seafood exports have been growing since the beginning of 2023: in the first 6 months they increased in value by 18% year on year. External supplies of frozen Norwegian cod in November in monetary terms showed an increase of 13% compared to November 2022. Volumes over the same period increased by ...
Source: Fishretail
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