Chile: INIA postharvest specialist shares method to preserve avocado for longer

Fresh Avocado
Published Jan 9, 2021

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Not only for its flavor but also for the nutritional qualities it has, this fruit becomes one of the most preferred by Chileans throughout the year. For this reason, the Postharvest Unit of INIA La Platina gave recommendations to take advantage of it in a better way, especially now, in a year with less availability of the product and its price at almost 7 thousand pesos.

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Santiago, January 2021.- The high summer temperatures generate an accelerated ripening of the avocados that we buy to enjoy at home, therefore, it is necessary to take special care with this fruit to take advantage of it in a better way, especially now that its price it had a considerable increase and the pocket of families must be taken care of. In this regard, the postharvest specialist of the Agricultural Research Institute (INIA), Dr. Bruno Defilippi, delivered recommendations to extend its useful life. “The first thing that consumers should do is avoid the presence of damage or blows at the time of purchase and during handling. This is very common in supermarket carts and free fairs. Without realizing it, we are shortening the useful life of a product that is alive. The second is to distribute the fruits between the refrigerator and a cool place in the house, which will allow them to be consumed as needed. Fortunately, avocados can be stored in perfect conditions in the ...
Source: CLportalagro
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