South Korea: Gyeongbuk Province, agri-food exports 'best performance ever'

South Korea
Published Jan 9, 2021

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[Reporter of the Korean Farmers' Newspaper] 20% ↑, $634 million compared to the previous year, the main effect of promoting online export consultations and operating permanent overseas sales sites in Gyeongbuk Province in 2020, a 20.0% increase from the previous year, to $634 million, for 4 consecutive years 5 It surpassed the achievement of billions of dollars and broke the record high. According to North Gyeongsang Province, as major export items, grapes (Shine Muscat), which are popular as premium products in China, increased 51.0%, Chinese cabbage 69.9%, kimchi 8.5%, dried persimmon 43.8%, and laver, 35.5%, leading agricultural food exports. did. By country, China, which has the largest export value of grapes and laver, increased 28.2%, and Hong Kong, Canada, and Australia, where demand for grapes and kimchi increased significantly, increased 15.2%, 13.9%, and 29.3%, respectively. In addition, Taiwan 5.4%, Indonesia 30.4%, and Thailand 29.3% growth.

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These achievements are the result of aggressive overseas promotion strategies by promoting non-face-to-face online marketing centered on items tailored to each country as products with excellent product quality despite difficult conditions. In addition, it is analyzed that various policies and efforts to diversify the export market, such as operating permanent overseas stores in Vietnam, Canada, and China, and efforts to create a high-quality brand of export fruits through the'daily' brand, are analyzed to have played a major role. Prior to this, North Gyeongsang Province exported 173 cases through 1:1 consultations at an online export conference held twice in September and November last year with the participation of buyers from 13 countries and 26 companies including New Southern countries and 58 agrifood exporters in the province. It has achieved $15 million in consultation fees. In order to continue expanding exports this year, North Gyeongsang Province plans to develop ...
Source: Agrinet
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