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Hazelnut prices in Turkey

Updated Jul 9, 2022
Hazelnuts, which have been purchased from the producer for a long time with the fixed price policy determined by the state, have been traded under free market conditions since 2009. While hazelnut producers on the seller side do not change, besides FISKOBIRLIK and traders, in recent years, TMO has been purchasing hazelnuts on behalf of the state and determining the free market hazelnut prices. Hazelnut prices may change every day. The main factor in these changes is the supply-demand balance.
Hazelnut, which is an agricultural product, is very affected by weather conditions and natural factors during the production phase. As it can be understood from the world hazelnut production list below, when both Turkey and the total figures are considered, the world hazelnut production varies. World Hazelnut Production The variability in hazelnut production figures above causes variability in hazelnut prices and hazelnut prices increase in years when production decreases such as frost, flood or drought. In recent years, hazelnut purchases have been made by TMO in order to balance the purchase price of hazelnuts in the country and to protect the producer. TMO hazelnut prices are generally above the free market prices and differ according to the hazelnut variety. Hazelnut Varieties Produced in Turkey The hazelnut prices shown in the list below are compiled from many different channels. Hazelnut prices in the list; It shows the highest and lowest prices of hazelnut prices and trader ...
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