Brazil: Consumption trends until 2040 are promising for the fruit and vegetable sectors

Published Mar 12, 2024

Tridge summary

A study by Hortifruti Brasil magazine has revealed a shift in food consumption trends over the past two decades, with a rise in ready-made meals and out-of-home eating in the 2000s negatively affecting the fresh fruit and vegetable sector. However, increased awareness of the health risks associated with ultra-processed foods and the impact of climate change on food production has led to a shift towards healthier, more sustainable food choices. This trend is predicted to continue until 2040, benefiting the fresh produce sector. Additionally, the use of Artificial Intelligence is anticipated to enhance efficiency and food quality in the future.
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Original content

For the March edition, the team at Hortifruti Brasil magazine, a publication from Cepea (Center for Advanced Studies in Applied Economics), from Esalq/USP, prepared a detailed analysis on the evolution of food consumption in the last two decades (2000s and 2010) and currently (2020s). Furthermore, the team also addressed trends and expectations for the coming years (projections until 2040), and it is clear that the future tends to be promising for the HF sector. In the 2000s, given the greater convenience and ease of food service, Brazilians increased their consumption of ready-made meals and increased spending on meals away from home. In view of this, the food industry moved and began offering a vast menu of processed and ultra-processed products, and out-of-home food services advanced. This scenario weighed heavily against the fresh fruit and vegetable sector, which grew little during this period. In the mid-2010s, articles and studies began to show that high consumption of ...
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