Horse slaughter fell to historic lows, Mongolia surpassed Argentina as the largest exporter of equine meat

Horse Meat
Published Mar 13, 2021

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The export of beef broke all records in 2020, with more than 900 thousand tons shipped, especially to China. But the opposite happened with another traditional livestock item in Argentina: horse meat. In 2020, the slaughter of horses was the lowest in decades and, as this type of meat is almost not consumed here, exports also collapsed dramatically. Now they are half of what they were 15 years ago.

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In 2007, in effect, Argentina exported 33,235 tons of horse meat and comfortably led the international trade of this species, which moved a total of 151 thousand tons. In other words, the country provided 1 out of every 5 kilos of equine meat traded between countries. In dollars, the business was not negligible, despite the fact that the horse always quoted one notch below the bovine. About 85 million dollars entered the country. In 2019, twelve years after that photograph, world trade fell to 117 thousand tons, 23%. But shipments from Argentina fell much more, 47%, to settle at only 17,483 tons. That is to say in the middle. The inflow of foreign currency, due to the effect of better prices, did not fall so much and was 25% below 2007, at 63 million dollars. Official data available for 2020 shows that the horse meat export business plummeted much further amid the Covid-19 crisis. In the first eleven months of last year, only 13,039 tons were exported for just over 42 million ...
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