How does support for the protests translate into purchases of Polish products?

Published Apr 3, 2024

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The article explores the rising trend among Polish consumers towards preferring fresh, locally sourced fruits and vegetables, a movement gaining momentum especially after the pandemic and recent farmers' protests. A significant 81% of Poles support the farmers' protests, with many willing to buy more Polish produce to back local farmers and enhance their health. Experts from health and agricultural sectors underscore the benefits of local produce consumption, such as reduced disease risk and improved well-being. The article also highlights the role of education and attitude modeling in boosting fruit and vegetable intake among Poles, mentioning the nutritional superiority of local produce over imports. The pandemic has notably shifted consumer preferences towards valuing taste and quality in food, with figures like Weronika and Karol Maciejczyk, strawberry producers, leading the charge in promoting self-harvesting and local sourcing.
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Farmers' protests have increased interest in food quality. Polish food is gaining in the eyes of consumers, including vegetables and fruits, which should constitute half of what we eat. This is good news before the season begins. Experts commenting on the research results draw attention to the opportunity offered by interest in what is local and seasonal. - Declarations of 60% are extremely encouraging. It shows that every event that raises Poles' awareness is followed by better future food choices. If Poles, hearing that Polish food production may be at risk, decide to support Polish farmers by buying Polish fruit and vegetables, they help both producers and themselves. Each more portion of vegetables and fruit during the day means a lower risk of disease and better well-being - says Prof. Ewa Stachowska, head of the Department of Human Nutrition and Metabolomics, Faculty of Health Sciences, Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin. We appreciate Polish farmers, fruit growers ...
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