How will the reform of the CAP affect suckler and dairy cows in France?

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Published Nov 26, 2022

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In France, there is great concern about the impact that the CAP reform will have on the livestock sectors. As in Spain, France also has aid associated with the dairy cow, the suckler cow and the sheep and goat, but that will be modified with the reform. The French Livestock Institute (l'Institut de l'élevage) has assessed the possible impact that the reform could have: In general, suckler cow farms will be affected downwards, while dairy farms will be upwards. At the same time, the intensive systems are going to be affected downwards while the extensive ones are going to oscillate between stability or going up. Bait farms are the ones that will be most negatively affected. Intensive dairy farms and extensive beef cattle farms will be slightly hit downwards. The farms of small ruminants and especially those of dairy aptitude are going to remain in balance. Specifically, with regard to suckler cows, there will be a significant reduction in the associated aid, which will not be ...
Source: Agrodigital
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