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Huai Ongkot project in Nong Prue District, Thailand, generated food and stable supply

“ห้วยองคต”วันนี้…ร่มรื่น อุดมสมบูรณ์ มีกินมีใช้อย่างมั่นคง
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Nov 27, 2021
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along Highway No. 3480, Kanchanaburi - Nong Prue District You will find communities and plots of cash crops along the way. until reaching Nong Prue District Turn left into Somdet Charoen Subdistrict. Along the way, there are many large and small trees to create greenery. shady to the area which is the location of the Huai Ong Khot project due to the royal initiative Nong Prue District Kanchanaburi along both sides of the road within the project There are houses lined up. The strange thing is that each house has a vegetable garden. And fruit trees are planted in almost every household, such as coriander, mint, to taro, banana, pomelo and jackfruit. Some plots are mixed farming plots that are grown according to dependent agriculture.
Such as at the house of Mr. Charin Klangham, a farmer who has allocated land for cultivation and living. from the Huai Ong Khot Project, which was initiated by the Royal Initiative By bringing the land that has been allocated to prepare a plot for planting different types of crops that can generate income both daily, monthly and yearly. living in the shade As a result, all crops grown in the same plot have perfect yields. “Obtained the right to farm in the project land in 1990, planting guavas, peppers, vegetables, and bananas, considering how different the growth age of each species is, for example, 7-8 months of guava can be harvested. Chilli can be planted in guava grooves for 2-3 months and can be sold. Vegetables can be planted in chilli grooves for one month and can be sold. and planting bananas In the grove of guava cut bananas for sale once a year for 4 years, with rhizomes stabbing the tops that can be dug up and sold as a species. Planting perennials such as jackfruit, ...
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