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"태양광도 하고, 농사도 짓고"…발전시설 밑에서 벼 재배 성공

"태양광도 하고, 농사도 짓고"…발전시설 밑에서 벼 재배 성공
This news article has been translated to English.
Grain & Cereals
South Korea
Oct 6, 2020
From Yna
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As a result of some recent harvesting of rice here, production of about 80% of the general field was expected, and it was evaluated that it does not restrict the operation of agricultural machinery even in the demonstration of harvesting the combine. It is expected that an average of 13.76 million won can be earned by adding rice income to the annual power generation income of 12.77 million won at a 100kW-class agricultural solar power facility. The Agricultural Technology Institute decided to use it to supply farming solar power facilities by evaluating the effect of arable land under the photovoltaic facility on the productivity and quality of crops, and developing a cultivation method. Ahn Gyu-nam, a researcher at the Food Crop Research Institute, Jeonnam Agricultural Technology Institute, said, "The power generation income ...
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