In 2021, Russia has increased agricultural exports to Tunisia by 6 times

Published Aug 20, 2021

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In January-July 2021, Russia exported 428 thousand tons of foodstuffs to Tunisia in the amount of $ 112 million.In physical terms, the volume increased 4.5 times compared to the same period last year, in value terms - 6 times. The leading position in the structure of shipments is occupied by barley. For seven months of 2021, 330 thousand tons of grain were exported to the North African country (4.2 times more than in January-July 2020) worth $ 76 million (5.1 times more).

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Tunisia resumed purchases of barley from Russia in January 2020 after a more than 2-year hiatus, and this year, according to the FCS, is the second buyer of Russian barley after Saudi Arabia. In particular, the supply of barley to Tunisia in 2021 was carried out by Trading House RIF, director of the trading house Marina Turyanskaya told Agroexport. “Due to the good harvest in 2020, as well as the reorientation of Ukrainian supplies to China, Russian barley turned out to be quite competitive in the Tunisian market, and at present it is of interest to Russian exporters due to both the pricing environment and convenient logistics”, - she adds. Also, in 2021, Russia supplied to Tunisia 17 thousand tons of soybean oil in the amount of 18 million dollars and 70 thousand tons of wheat for 17 million dollars, while last year in the same period, supplies of these types of agricultural products were not carried out. Export of molasses to Tunisia decreased in physical terms by 17% to 10 ...
Source: Aemcx
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