In 2023, Egypt will export a record volume of mangoes and guavas to the EU market

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Published Dec 5, 2023

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Egyptian exporters of mangoes and guavas are experiencing significant growth in the EU market, with import volumes exceeding previous years and expected to triple since 2018. Spain is the leading import destination, followed by Italy, Germany, France, the Netherlands, and Greece. While fresh mangoes dominate exports, the export season for guavas is more extended. EU countries, particularly the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, France, Portugal, and Germany, are major markets for mangoes and guavas, with the Netherlands primarily acting as a re-exporter.
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This year, exporters of mangoes and guavas from Egypt will be able to significantly improve their position on the EU market, reports EastFruit. In the first 9 months of 2023, the import of Egyptian mangoes and guavas to the EU countries exceeds the result of the entire previous year, and from 2018, the volume of supplies from Egypt in this direction will at least triple. In the period from January to September 2023, almost one and a half thousand tons of mangoes and guavas were imported from Egypt to EU countries. This is already a record volume of deliveries, since for the whole of 2022 their indicator only slightly exceeded 1.3 thousand tons. Considering the fact that the season of active export of these products lasts until the end of November, the final result of the current year will be even more significant. In 2023, the leading import of Egyptian mangoes and guavas is still held by Spain, which until then practically did not import these products. In the same year, the ...
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