In Albania, there were difficulties with the sale of olive oil

Olive Oil
Published Jan 28, 2023

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Albanian olive oil producers have warned that record production could lead to market chaos. Exports are still very limited and local demand will not be enough to absorb production. Warehouses are also full. The IOC estimates that the country consumes approximately 13,000 tons of olive oil annually.

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The vast majority of olive oil produced in the country comes from small producers, with only 5 percent ending up on supermarket shelves, Albanian Daily News reports. The government is now addressing market conditions and the lack of a public registry to track national olive oil production. Local observers see a connection between low prices available to consumers and direct sales of olive oil by farmers. Such prices, they say, undermine opportunities for more structured operations, as taxes and production costs, such as energy and packaging, place a heavy burden on bottlers. After analysis, bottling and distribution through food retailers, commercially sold olive oil is worth much more than the average ...
Source: Oilworld
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