In France, the number of cattle slaughtered in 2022 has decreased significantly

Updated Mar 11, 2023
According to the statistical service of the French Ministry of Agriculture (Agreste), the gross domestic production of beef in 2022 was obtained from about 5.7 million head of animals. That's 3.9 percent. less than a year earlier. The number of cattle slaughtered in the country fell by 4.5 percent. up to 4.26 million units. Imports of slaughter cattle decreased by 30.3 percent. up to 37,515 units. Decrease in cattle exports The decline in exports to 41,613 units was less drastic and amounted to 13.2 percent. compared to 2021. According to Agreste, the trade in slaughter cattle and livestock has also shrunk. Here, imports increased by 2.2 percent. to 9,065 animals, while exports fell by 2.7 percent. to 1.44 million head of cattle. Overseas, older male cattle, fatteners with a maximum weight of 300 kg and female cattle were less sought after. Exports of older male cattle fell by 1.5% in 2022. to 701,974 units compared to the previous year. 203,310 female cattle were exported; this ...
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