In January 2023 exports, whole chicken was the item with the highest annual appreciation in Brazil

Updated Feb 18, 2023
SECEX data relating to the four main items of chicken meat exported by Brazil point out that the historical record for the month reached last January was mainly determined by the in natura product – cuts and whole chicken, whose volumes registered an annual increase of, respectively, 22.99% and 19.18%. Salted chicken meat had a more moderate increase in volume – 4.21% – while industrialized products fell by 2.69%.
Contradictorily, however, they reached the highest value of all time in the month, surpassing the August 2022 record. However, the product with the best price appreciation in January was the whole chicken: almost 30% more than a year ago and still above US$2,000/ton. But it remains far from US$2,120.75/t, a record registered almost 10 years ago, in April 2013. Who, surprisingly, once again registered a value below US$2,000/t were the chicken cuts which, therefore, had an average price lower than that of the whole chicken – a rare fact between the two items (in the 120 months between January 2013 and December of 2022 this occurred on only 17 occasions – 14% of the total). In any case, even though its price in the month registered an appreciation of less than 13% (against 29.40% for the whole chicken), ...
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