Russia: In January, more than 50 thousand tons of grain and oilseeds were exported from the Krasnoyarsk Territory

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Published Feb 7, 2024

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The Rosselkhoznadzor Office for the Krasnoyarsk Territory reported a significant increase in export shipments of grain, processed products, and oilseeds in January 2024, rising from 33 thousand tons in 2023 to 52.7 thousand tons. The main exports, which included wheat, rapeseed, and barley, were primarily shipped to China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Kyrgyzstan. All exported products met the destination countries' requirements. Additionally, the Rosselkhoznadzor Office inspected 128 thousand tons of grain, processed products, rapeseed, and peas during domestic Russian transportation.
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In the first month of 2024, specialists from the Rosselkhoznadzor Office for the Krasnoyarsk Territory monitored export shipments of 52.7 thousand tons of grain, processed products and oilseeds, while in the first month of 2023 this figure was 33 thousand tons. The main export volume is wheat - 27.9 thousand tons, rapeseed - 12.2 thousand tons and barley - 4.9 thousand tons. A significant share of Krasnoyarsk grain and rapeseed is exported to China - 12.2 thousand tons of grain, 6.4 thousand tons of rapeseed, 0.8 thousand tons of flax seeds and 0.4 thousand tons of peas. 15.3 thousand tons of grain were sent to Mongolia, 7.1 thousand tons of grain and 1 thousand tons of rapeseed to Kazakhstan. Also, 4.8 thousand tons of rapeseed were exported to Belarus and 0.9 thousand tons of grain to Kyrgyzstan. All shipped products met the requirements of the destination countries. Consignments delivered for export were accepted by importers. During domestic Russian ...
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