India is one of the world's largest exporters of gherkins and pickled cucumbers

Value Added Cucumber
Published Jan 27, 2022

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Indian gherkin exports have crossed the $200 million mark in the past fiscal year. This means that India has become the largest exporter of gherkins in the world. In the period April-October (2020-21) India exported 123,846 tons of pickled cucumbers and gherkins with a value of 114 million dollars (more than 100 million euros).

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Pickles are exported in two categories: cucumbers and gherkins that are prepared and preserved with vinegar or acetic acid and cucumbers and gherkins that are preliminarily pickled. The cultivation, processing and export of pickles in India started on a modest scale in Karnataka in the early 1990s and later expanded to the neighboring states of ...
Source: AGF
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