India will reduce wheat production in 2024 but will harvest a record rapeseed crop

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Published Feb 22, 2024

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India is projected to see a record rapeseed crop in 2024 due to an increase in sowing areas and favorable weather conditions, reducing the country's reliance on imported soybean, sunflower, and palm oil. The rapeseed planting areas have expanded by 5% to 10 million hectares, potentially boosting the harvest from 11.5 to 11.8-12 million tons. However, wheat production may decline to 107-108 million tonnes due to insufficient rainfall, and with wheat stocks at a 7-year low, there could be a potential shortage in the domestic market.
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According to Reuters, in 2024, India may harvest a record rapeseed crop due to the increase in sowing areas and favorable weather in the major producing states, which will reduce imports of expensive soybean, sunflower and palm oil. Compared to the previous season, rapeseed planting areas increased by 5% to 10 million hectares, so its harvest may increase from 11.5 to 11.8-12 million tons, especially since crops are currently in good condition in almost all states. According to the market participants, the wheat production in the country in 2023/24 MY may reach 107-108 mln tonnes, which will be lower than last year’s figure and the official forecast of the Ministry of Agriculture of India at 114 mln tonnes. the Area under wheat will remain at the level of the previous year, but its yield will decrease due to lack of rainfall. Traders expect a shortage of wheat supply in the domestic market, as the government has exhausted the reserve stocks and will actively try to restore them. ...
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