EU: Brussels step forward of the directive killing stables

Updated Mar 18, 2023
The Council of EU environment ministers, held on 16 March, reached a compromise agreement on the text of the new directive for the reduction of industrial emissions which for the first time also covers livestock. Italy is against: "We cannot accept the text - said the minister of the environment and energy security Gilberto Pichetto Fratin - because the thresholds for cattle are unacceptable to us".
The text was negotiated throughout the day and an agreement was found thanks to some technical expedients. Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Luxembourg and the Netherlands have accepted the compromise asking to record their disagreement with thresholds for farms "which greatly reduced the environmental ambitions" of the directive. Bulgaria abstained, France contested "questions of substance and method" but ultimately chose to support the text. Poland stressed that in future stages of negotiations with other European institutions, it is not willing to accept further concessions on livestock farming. «I agree with what Minister Pichetto Fratin said, regarding the new directive for the reduction of industrial emissions, and I thank him for having supported the correct position to protect and defend a strategic sector: the thresholds indicated for cattle are for Italy unacceptable,” declared Agriculture Minister Francesco Lollobrigida. «They risk leading to the desertification of a primary ...
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