Israeli dates are increasingly controlling the world, Saudi Arabia is almost losing

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Published Apr 22, 2023

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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia - Ramadan is incomplete if there are no dates. During Ramadan, dates will be easier to find, so they are generally the main choice as a snack for breaking the fast or sahur. This fruit can be found growing in the Middle East. Apart from its sweet taste and one of the fruits recommended by the Prophet Muhammad SAW, dates are the fruit of choice because they contain a lot of nutritional content and a myriad of benefits for the body. Even so, maybe you don't know which country controls the date market worldwide. Is Israel, which became a country with the record for the largest export of dates in the world. This Jewish country only loses to Saudi Arabia in world date export data. The Statista report shows that in 2021, Saudi Arabia is the world's largest exporter of fresh and dried dates, with an export value of around US$322.84 million. Israel is the second major exporter, with the export value of dates exceeding US$317 million.

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Meanwhile, according to the Israel Agri report, the main buyers of dates from Israel are Italy, Britain, the United States, the Netherlands, Spain, France and Turkey. France is the largest importer of dates in the European Union (29%). Dates grown in Israel also consist of many superior varieties, ie According to the Tridge report, even though the value of the world trade in dates had dropped in 2020, Israel is still one of the world's largest exporters of dates with a total value of US$ 236.34 million or around IDR 3.5 trillion. This can happen because Israel is still a supplier of dates in large importing countries, such as Germany, the Netherlands, England, and even the United States. The slight decline in Israeli exports of dates that occurred in France is predicted because Germany has begun ...
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