Italian walnuts price has almost halved, the US's Californian ones are around 2 euros

Published Apr 19, 2024

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The article provides an overview of the current trends in the Italian market for nuts and dried fruits, highlighting a decrease in walnut prices for both Italian and Californian varieties, with Californian walnuts selling for just over 2 euros wholesale. Marzo Zaniboni from the Caab in Bologna notes a slight increase in market activity and anticipates the arrival of higher-priced Argentine and Chilean nuts. The article also covers the sales trends of hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios, cashews, and other dried fruits and legumes, pointing out a shift from peanuts to cashews due to health reasons and the growing popularity of vegetable proteins like borlotti beans and buckwheat. Additionally, it mentions the niche market for seeds and the use of dehydrated fruits in ice cream parlors and pastry shops, while also hinting at discussions on the uses or benefits of cinnamon and turmeric without providing detailed context.
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The price of walnuts drops and sales increase. Starting with those Italian Lara varieties which have suffered a sharp drop in prices, then unprecedented prices for the Californian varieties which sell for just over 2 euros wholesale. We are not at the peak of consumption, but almost all dried fruit and nuts, thanks also to the 30 grams of daily dietary consumption, are increasingly present in the diet of Italians. We take stock with Marzo Zaniboni at the Caab in Bologna, where he works as sales and organization manager of the Laffi Giorgio company. The price of Italian walnuts also drops Zaniboni describes the market situation for walnuts. “There is a timid buzz, there is a bit of movement. There are the Californian Chandlers. The Lara variety, both Italian and French, is running out in all its formats and prices have dropped. Even halved, there is now Italian product at 5.80 euros per kg for the large caliber, but the smaller ones are sold at 4.50/4.80. It has never happened to ...
Source: Myfruit
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