Izvestia: The average consumption of beef in the Russian Federation has decreased by one kilogram over five years

Updated Mar 7, 2023
The share of beef in a Russian meat plate is gradually decreasing: over the past five years, it has decreased on average from 20% to 18% by the end of 2021, in absolute terms, per capita consumption has decreased on average by 1 kg to 9 kg per person. This is stated in the NRA study, which analyzed official statistics for 2017-2021. Izvestia got acquainted with the document.
In 2022, according to the estimates of the National Pig Producers Union, the share of beef on dinner tables will decrease by another 1.9% (the results have not yet been summed up). While the volume of pork and poultry will increase by 5.9 and 2% respectively. In 2021, Russians ate an average of 15 kg and 25 kg of these types of meat. The National Meat Association confirmed to Izvestia: beef consumption in absolute terms and its share on the plate are declining, it is being replaced by more affordable types of protein. But this trend is typical not only for Russia, but for all countries. At the same time, consumption in Russia is higher than in Eastern Europe, Germany, China, they added. Beef production is a complex and expensive process, so the trend won't reverse overnight. Chicken and pork are the main leaders in the category of meat among buyers, in sales they account for 40 and 37%, respectively, these are the most affordable types of protein, Magnit noted. Metro is fixing a ...
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