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Lack of water in Tajikistan prevented a full harvest of rice

Updated Sep 23, 2021
Tajikistan is faced with a water shortage problem. And this happened at a time when it is especially necessary for the ripening of a crop such as rice. In the area of the city of Tursunzade, whole hectares of rice had to be mowed for hay. This year, due to a lack of water, many farmers and tenants have mowed a lot of unripe rice - the ears will go to feed the livestock, and the straw will most likely be burned.
The abnormally hot summer, which took a lot of moisture from the plants, played its negative role, of course, this year, reports. But the climate of Tursunzade district is considered one of the most favorable places for growing crops. In summer, the temperature can reach +38 degrees Celsius during the day and +22 at night. In winter, the temperature is usually up to +10 during the day and -12 at night. Precipitation is usually observed in Tursunzade from October to May and the most abundant is from March to April. Two rivers flow through the region - Karatag and Shirkent, which are filled with cool water all year round. Rice has been cultivated in this area for a long time. But, according to Bakhtiyor Alimov, a farmer who has been growing rice from an early age, this year turned out to be too hot and dry. Not only rice, but also other agricultural crops required a lot of water. But the problem is also that "water does not reach many fields, because when it is ...
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