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Consumption of legumes in Italy soars, from beans to chickpeas

Updated Feb 10, 2021
The consumption of legumes increased by 15% with values ranging from + 12% for chickpeas to + 28% for beans that are classified as the most loved by Italians in the year of the pandemic. This is what emerges from a Coldiretti analysis on Nielsen data in the year ending June 2020 on the occasion of the World Legumes Day established by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) as an opportunity to raise awareness the benefits of legumes for health and to contribute to sustainable food systems. Growing the demand for legumes was the green turning point in consumers' purchasing choices with the tendency to put healthier foods in the cart, but also the lockdowns that lead to stocking up of long-life food products and the need to contain household costs with affordable products of high nutritional quality. Processed legume flour products such as biscuits, crackers, pasta and bread substitutes are also increasing. On the nutritional front, legumes are an excellent source ...
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