Paraguay: Livestock prices continue to decline and fall another 5 cents

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Published Sep 29, 2023

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Paraguay is experiencing a continued decline in property prices due to various factors such as road closures with Chile and the halt in campaigns for the Jewish new year in Israel. Demand is weak in Paraguay, with many plants either stopped or operating at low capacity. On the other hand, Brazil saw a slight recovery in property prices, gaining 12 cents on the dollar in the past week. Uruguay, however, continues to struggle with a drop of 15 cents in property prices and a decrease of over 60 cents in the past eight weeks.
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Paraguay registers another week without being able to recover the losses in the price of the property. In the last week there was a decline of five cents on the dollar (USD 2.75) due to the closure of road crossings with Chile, the main destination for meat, and the situation with Israel, which is in a period of stoppage between campaigns for the festivities. of the Jewish new year. The consulting firm points out that demand is very weak, with plants stopped or with low work. On the other hand, the Brazilian treasury gained 12 cents on the dollar in the week, recovering part of what was lost in two months. The price closed at USD 3.01, twelve cents more than seven days ago. In Argentina the steer was priced at USD 4.27, two cents more than the previous week. It was the first increase after four weeks in which a decrease of 30 ...
Source: Productivacm
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