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Lorena avocado breaks through in Colombian exports

Lorena-avocado breekt door in Colombiaanse export
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Nov 26, 2021
From AGF
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Avocado cultivation has grown significantly in Colombia in recent years. Avocado, meanwhile, is one of the most important fruits in the South American country. The Hass variety is the most popular avocado worldwide, but other varieties are increasingly breaking through on the international market, such as Lorena, a variety from Palmira, a place in the department of Valle del Cauca, which will have a significant share within a few years. in the export figures.
Llanofrut, a producer association from Lejanías, a municipality in the department of Meta, dedicated to the cultivation, marketing and export of guava and mangosteen, hopes to obtain Good Cultivation Practice certification from the Colombian Agricultural Institute (ICA) in November and two cultivation sites of Lorena avocados to be registered as export companies. President Martín Emilio Muñoz Nohava explains that the Lorena avocado is in high demand on the national market. It differs from the Hass avocado in weight and size. Lorena's weight varies between 400 and 800 grams, while the Hass avocado weighs between 150 and 400 grams. Claudia Vinasco, director of Sustainability at Contactar Microfinance, emphasizes other properties, such as appearance and taste. Lorena is also slightly lighter and less creamy, she says, has a smooth, shiny skin and is elongated in shape and dark green in color. In order to have a good harvest of this variety, several factors must be met. In addition to ...
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