Market study with insights into commercial and home-mix animal feed sectors in Kenya

Published Nov 12, 2020

Tridge summary

FeedTechKenya is a consortium of leading Dutch and Kenyan parties active in various areas of the feed value chain. The consortium aims to transfer best feed practices, increase the production and take-up of productivity-enhancing quality animal feed, and trial with novel and affordable feeds. FeedTechKenya closely cooperates with the Dutch Embassy in Nairobi (EKN). The consortium includes Aeres Training Center International, Almex Extrusion Techniques, Ottevanger Milling Engineers, Unga Farm Care ltd, Insectipro and Nutreco Africa. Larive International and Lattice Consulting initiated and coordinate the partnership.

Original content

The Kenyan animal feed sector is characterized by a large number of small, unregistered feed millers. Experts estimate that in 2016 commercial feed producers contributed roughly 55% to the domestic demand for animal feeds. This has dropped to 45-50% in 2020. The share of demand fulfilled by the non-commercial side of the market, consisting of smaller-sized unregistered regional millers and home / community-based feed mixers, is expected to increase. Home-mixing or small and unregistered production by any means does not imply that the resulting feeds do not adhere to quality standards. However, the growing population of small millers and the large tendency to home-mix feeds make it challenging to monitor whether standards for responsible animal farming are met. To get more insight into the sector Larive International and Lattice Consulting investigated topics related to the Kenyan animal feed sector that received relatively little attention in existing research, such as the ...
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