Milk fats in Ukraine continue to become more expensive

Anhydrous Milk Fat (Butter oil)
Market & Price Trends
Published Dec 11, 2023

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Due to the opening of the European market and global world inflation, the trend of Ukrainian milk fat production has been affected, resulting in a decrease in production and a drop in world rankings. The deficit balance in milk fat has led to a 25% increase in the purchase price of raw milk in Ukraine. The current rise in prices for milk fats in Ukraine contrasts with a decrease in prices in the EU, and producers plan to stabilize demand and prices in the coming months through active work and importation of heavy cream and butter.
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The opening of the European market and global world inflation contributed to this trend. The result of 2022: 14 thousand tons and the 10th place in the world ranking with a share of 1.2%. For comparison: 2019 - 18 thousand tons and 8th place, 1.5%; 2020 and 2021 - 11 thousand tons each, outside the Top 10 with a significant increase in imports. This year, especially in its second half, due to the improvement of consumer sentiment, we again returned to a deficit balance in terms of milk fat. It is precisely because of the lack of fats that the purchase price of raw milk managed to increase in price by almost 25% in 4 months. The dynamics of Ukrainian exports, which according to the results of 2023 will be halved compared to 2022, also look telling. It was logical to level this imbalance at the expense of the import of heavy cream and butter, which we have been observing since September, but first a sharp jump in world prices, and then the blockade of the Ukrainian-Polish border ...
Source: MilkUA
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