Milk production in France is on the rise again

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Published Apr 16, 2024

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In February, France experienced a slight decrease in the share of organic milk by 0.3 percent to 5 percent, while AOP/IGP milk made up 16.1 percent of the market. Goat milk production marginally increased by 1.2 percent, though it effectively decreased by 2.3 percent when considering the leap year adjustment. Sheep's milk production also fell by 1.4 percent, or 4.8 percent with the leap year adjustment. The average milk price stood at 46.30 euros per 100 liters, with organic milk commanding a higher price of 51.70 euros. The European Union saw a 0.7 percent decrease in milk production in January, with notable declines in Germany, France, and the Netherlands, but increases in Italy, Poland, and Spain. France reported a 6.6 percent rise in cheese production in February, despite a drop in Emmental production, and a 0.7 percent increase in total dairy production, highlighted by significant growth in yoghurts and desserts production.
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The share of organic milk compared to the total was 5 percent in February, 0.3 percent lower than a year earlier. In France, the share of milk with a protected designation of origin is traditionally high. For AOP products, the milk must come from the same region in which the product, such as brie, is made. At IGP the requirements are less strict and milk for the regional product may also come (partly) from another region. In January, the share of AOP/IGP milk was 16.1 percent. Goat milk production increased by 1.2 percent in February, but taking the leap year into account, it is a decrease of 2.3 percent. The decline in sheep's milk production continues. It amounted to 1.4 percent. Taking the leap year into account, the decrease is 4.8 percent compared to the same month a year earlier. Lower milk prices The average current milk price in France was 46.30 euros per 100 liters in February. For organic milk, French dairy farmers received an average of 51.70 euros in February. Milk ...
Source: Nieuwe Oogst
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